API Reference


You can use the App55 API to send requests to the App55 platform in order to:

App55 will respond to these requests in either JSON or JSONP format (with no-store caching), depending on the options specified in the request. The responses contain signatures which can be used to verify that the response came from App55.

Errors are reported both as HTTP response status codes and inside either JSON or JSONP blocks. 

In addition to HTTP response status codes, App55 supports a variety of built-in HTTP features, such as HTTP authentication and HTTP verbs. This makes App55 compatible with the major HTTP clients. 

App55 also fully conforms to REST constraints.

API Environments

Two environments are available for use:

  • The App55 Sandbox environment is intended for testing purposes. Data modified on this environment does not affect the credit card network. Therefore, transactions performed here will not cause funds to be debited from End Users' cards.
  • The App55 Production environment is intended for real-world transactions. Transactions performed here will affect End Users' cards, and so the environment should not be used for testing.